How do wooden blinds work?
Wood blinds feature a number of horizontal slats that are linked together by a cord pulley system. This design of blind is also known as Venetian. When fully raised, the slats gather together at the top of the window, revealing the full view outside. When lowered and rotated, wooden blinds obscure the views from outside and block all sunlight. Wooden blinds can also be arranged in various positions, depending on the amount of privacy and natural light you require.
Real wood vs. faux wood
Wooden blinds can be made from either real wood or a faux alternative, such as PVC or a Composite style. When choosing between your options, you should take into account your budget and the location of the windows in your home. For example, if you’ve a larger budget and want new blinds for your living room, real wood blinds are the perfect solution. Alternatively, if you want to save a little money and place the blinds in your kitchen, a faux wood blind will be more cost-effective and won’t suffer from potential water damage.
They feature finest quality basswood that is sourced from sustainable forests. Basswood is genuine wood with a subtle grain and natural style. It is light yet sturdy, and its versatility means it’s perfect for window blinds. Our wood blinds have a 100% Natural Wood Stamp, so you can be assured of their quality. Genuine wooden blinds are unrivalled in their elegance, and will coordinate with all decor styles, whether your home is modern and minimalistic or cosy and traditional. Of course, that’s not to say that faux wood solutions are any less effective. We are very pleased to introduce our new WoodLux blind, a high quality PVC faux wood blind. It is the ultimate solution for wet and humid areas of the home, as there is no risk of moisture absorption and warping.
At Wooden Blinds Direct, our wooden blinds come complete with a complementary valance, which is used to cover the head rail and provide a sleek and stylish finish. We also coat our blinds with a UV stain or paint, preventing your blinds from fading in the sunlight.
Refreshed Color Palette with over 75 SKUs!
  • Refreshed colors in both Wood and Faux Wood styles
  • New Cordless XL system for wider, longer blinds
  • New Cordless Lift & Lock™ bottomrail in over 30 matching colors for improved aesthetics; grain printed rail for Wood Stains and Faux Wood Premium Grains
  • Gorgeous new sample book with easy access decks


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