I decided to write about this today because we have recently gone into clients homes that have floor covering and furniture damage from the sun coming in through their windows. People always ask, “Will window coverings protect my floors and furniture?” The answer is yes but not all the time. For instance, let’s say you usually leave your window coverings open. If they open, then no there is no protection. The odds that you will keep your window coverings closed are pretty rare so we highly suggest an additional treatment for your windows. The word is TINT and no it’s not dark like a car window tint. The type of tint we recommend to our client is light in color you can’t even tell its on the window. Isn’t that great? You can protect your home with a tint that you can’t even see. Doesn’t it sure sound like insurance? It’s an invisible investment but when you need it, it saves you.

-Bree Jacoby

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