When choosing window treatments for your home, you have many factors to consider. From light control to privacy and contacting a good company like Flores Construction door installation to help you out, you want to make sure that your treatment is durable, functional and melds flawlessly with the decor of your room. While picking the right shades, curtains or blinds for your windows can be challenging enough, what about the doors in your home or office?

Many people aren’t familiar with the concept of door treatments, but the right treatment can add a lot to your property in terms of ease of use. When it comes to choosing treatments, many interior designers agree that shutters offer the best coverage. Whether you have sleek sliding doors or elegant French doors, shutters provide a range of benefits that other treatments don’t, making them the ideal choice for property owners to protect their doors from the composite doors bristol store.

For example, door shutters provide excellent light control, allowing you to adjust the slats on your treatment at will to let in more or less light. With door shutters, you can do this while simultaneously preserving your privacy, since shutters provide a good deal of coverage from outside views. If you live in an unseasonable climate, shutters which  you can buy it here, provide great insulation from the heat or cold, allowing you to save on electric bills.

In addition to functionality, door shutters act as a decorative accent, offering a polished and elegant look. Multiple finishes and framing options give you plenty of design options to choose from. You can also pick from many colors for the shutter hinges and choose from front tilt-rod control or a clear-line feature with hidden tilt control for your slats. Traditional shutters use narrower slats, while plantation shutters have wider slats that allow for more light control.


Shutters are one of the more durable options for door treatments, with many features that make them a responsible choice for property owners. Shutters wipe clean using just a wipe-down with a wet rag and dry cloth, making clean-up a breeze. Also, wood shutters don’t buckle in high humidity, allowing for continued functionality in tropical climates.


Custom door shutters are designed to fit snugly around the door, with frames that attach firmly around the glass and tracks that offer a seamless sliding functionality to the shutter. The tight closure keeps the shutter from slamming against the glass, preserving the life of the door. For sliding doors, bifold or bypass options are available, allowing for different design options. Door handles can be customized as needed, allowing for ease of operation.

For a classic, architectural look that gives your home or office a polished appearance, shutters are the clear answer for your French doors or sliding doors. In addition to the durability and functionality of shutters, a well-installed custom shutter treatment will significantly increase the market value of your property, allowing for more financial flexibility. However, installing shutters on your doors is a highly technical undertaking that requires significant expertise. For the best installation, it’s advisable to hire window treatment professionals to handle the job.


If you’re in the greater Southern California area, consider hiring Jacoby Company to handle your shutter treatment installation project. Jacoby Company is a family-run company with decades of experience in the window treatment business. We are licensed and certified and have a slew of industry awards under our belts. Give us a call today and see how we can benefit you!



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