Situation # 1: Have there ever been times when you’ve probably thought to yourself, “self, can I design and install my own window coverings?” The answer is no. Tell youself no and save yourself money in the long run right now. Just stop…

Situation #2: You know when you shop at Forever 21 and all your clothes end up in terrible condition in about a month because they cannot last through more than a few washes? So, then when you try to return all of those clothes and try to get money back, the return policy is only store credit. So, then you think to yourself, “self, I probably should have just shopped at JCrew instead because I wouldn’t be spending double on clothes.” The answer is 100%. Just when you think you’re saving money in the end, you end up spending more because those clothes cannot last through a wash. Sad sob story that most of us have been through.


Maybe you’re thinking how does situation #2 relate to custom made drapery? Fashion is a great example because it is something we all go through. We think that we don’t want to spend more money on clothes, end up donating all those clothes anyways (there’s all that money gone, zip, nada) and in the end, you’d have saved money  by shopping at that higher quality store. Now, to relate back to drapery. Just last week we went to a customers gorgeous 6,000 sq ft home. She told us how she has been spending the last few months buying designer clothes, ladies wallets, sunglasses, spending on food and whatnot, because she thought it was something she could do herself with no prior experience in this sort of field (Kudos to her for trying). She told us that when it all got shipped to her, she was flabbergasted that the fabrics she picked were not at all what she wanted, the quality of the rods for her drapery didn’t look expensive and on top of all that, the drapery didn’t fit her window lengths. She tried to return it all but the return policy wasn’t in her favor. Long story short, she said she needed us because she ended up spending double the amount of money since she thought she could do it herself. Hey, we are all about go-getters over here but when it comes to doing your own installations, fabric picking, and which pleats to pick, this is not something to tackle alone! Which now brings me to my next point. Why choose custom with Jacoby Company?  We will custom design any window treatment that matches your needs and the needs of your windows. This might sound cliche but you do get what you pay for. If you want quality products that will last you 10-15 years and you want the best customer service, going custom is the only way to go. How are we different? Unlike most companies, we are designers. You don’t have to hire an interior designer in order to do your window treaments and spend all that money if all you need is window help. You can forget the  idea of going to Home Depot/Pottery Barn/Restoration Hardware to do it yourself. After all, if you’re going to spend any amount of money, do your home, yourself, and your wallet a huge favor and do it right the first time around.

– Bree Jacoby

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