When you are looking to hire a window treatment designer, it’s important to keep the designer part in mind. Most of the time, people in our industry are not designers, they are sales people with a measuring tape and a few samples. They come to your house with no design taste and will ask you what you want. Once you tell them what you want, they will sell you just that or something more expensive that you might not need but helps them make their quota (and also products made in ASIA- we do not support that!). We make it a point to listen to what you want but also it is in our best interest to provide you with exactly the kind of design and treatment your windows truly need. We aren’t in it to make the money, we are in it to make you happy because a happy customer means many happy customers. Most of the time when we go people’s houses, they’ve already had proposals from two other companies. When we come in and give them our design advice, they tell us that, that product was never suggested to them and it’s a much better idea for their house. We really care about our customers and treat them like friends. We don’t lie to our friends so why would we lie to you. Pick a company you can really trust. This is why you should go with us!



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