Hiring a professional to handle your window treatment project can be complicated. There are many factors to consider, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. The number of window treatment companies out there can be confusing, especially to people who haven’t dealt with such companies before. How do you choose the right one?


Among many considerations, one of the biggest questions is whether to hire a large corporate storefront or a smaller, family-run company, since there are great window companies out there, since the one you can find here and work great on every type of window installations. Each option offers different benefits and is right for different people. We here at Jacoby Company, however, feel so strongly about what we offer as a small family-run business that we can’t help but preach the benefits of hiring companies like ours.


We have decades of industry expertise and a slew of awards under our belts, and we’ve worked with hundreds of clients. We’re not a fly-by-night operation that opened mere years ago to capitalize on the window treatment trend. Our decades of handling all kinds of home and office projects can only mean one thing: that we’re the best at what we do.


Being part of a small family-run company also means that we have the luxury of devoting all of our resources to our clients, without having to worry about bloated marketing budgets or administrative tasks. We place a strong focus on relationships – we want every client to feel like they’re part of our family. Our dedication to customer service means that we can lavish personalized attention on every one of our clients.


As a small family-run business, we don’t have the option of slacking off. We work hard every day, and we give a 100% effort on every job. Our reputation depends upon every new project we take on – we don’t have the luxury of coasting on our brand like large storefronts do. Our reliable work ethic ensures that our decades of industry experience is put to good use with every job.


Need an overnight repair on a broken part? Want immediate feedback on which color you chose for your drapes? Hiring a small family-run business means that we’re here for you, 24/7, on an intimate level – we don’t hide behind layers of automated phone service like the big guys do. We can respond to your concerns and questions on a personalized basis – meaning that we have an edge on the speed with which we can serve you.


And once the job is done, we won’t walk away and forget about you like the big storefronts will. Our commitment to customer service doesn’t end when the project is through and money has exchanged hands. Instead, we’re serious about follow-through – and our small size means we can offer personalized attention. If your treatment isn’t installed properly or you don’t like the fabric, we’ll fix it quickly, for free and with no fuss.


Hiring a small family-run business may be the best decision you can make for the success of your window treatment project. If you live in the southern California area, why not give us at Jacoby Company a call? We’re one of the most celebrated window treatment companies in the southern California region, and we’re happy to prove just why that is. For top-notch service with a personalized touch, call us today!


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