Which white is right for your décor?
Surely, a beige carpet will always complement a white wall – right? Not entirely. Sometimes the undertone of a white or neutral is not obvious until you put it against a white or neutral with a contrasting undertone. Every colour has different undertones so when we put a beige carpet with a green undertone against a white wall with a pink undertone the effect can be different than what we expect.

Andrea suggests placing the colour chip next to items in your home and vertically so the colour responds as it would on the wall. Andrea also suggests a handy tip of using a grey colour chip to get to the truth of the matter. “Neutral grey is the best ‘non-colour’ to use when trying to understand the natural undertone in a particular colour,” she says.

To ensure that you are entirely happy with your white however, Andrea reiterates that, “for the best advice I would use a sample pot on a cardboard sheet (A3 at least in size), painted in two coats, to move around the room next to furnishings and in different lighting conditions.”


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