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written by Taylor Souder

Performance fabrics are a category that has stormed the home decorating industry for the past few seasons. Performance is typically a synonymous term with easy cleanability and durability for everyday wear and tear. Anna Elisabeth and Greenhouse Fabrics are proud carriers of multiple performance lines, including Crypton HomeInsideOut, EndurepelPerformance Washables, and soon-to-be, Sustain. Explore our various options below to find the perfect qualities for your next project.

Performance Washables


  • Great options for slipcovers
  • Pre-washed, pre-shrunk
  • Soil and stain repellant finish
  • Tested up to 75 commercial washes

General Cleaning Instructions

  1. Wipe away excess mess with a clean, dry towel.
  2. Apply diluted soap-and-water solution and agitate with a soft-bristle brush.
  3. Blot with a clean towel and rinse. Repeat if necessary
  4. For more stubborn stains, a full wash cycle can be completed (Cold water wash with a mild detergent, drying not recommended)
F2511 Natural Fabric
F2511 Natural
F2540 Cherry Fabric
F2540 Cherry
F2542 Sunshine Fabric
F2542 Sunshine
F2546 Spa Fabric
F2546 Spa
F2553 Navy Fabric
F2553 Navy

Listed above are just a few great items that the Anna Elisabeth and Greenhouse Fabrics lines have to offer. Stay tuned for more up-and-coming collection launches, and subscribe to our blog for the latest fabric trends and textile knowledge!

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