With these heat waves  everyone is looking for ways to cool down at home. According to great services, Coastal Cooling Inc in Sanibel Island, blasting the air conditioner isn’t always an option (check sources like HVAC Direct for more details), and it certainly uses a lot of energy. Instead of shelling out the big bucks to keep cool, consider several alternatives that can make a big difference.

Choose light-colored blinds. Installing window shades or blinds is a no-brainer. But light-colored shades tend to be more effective, since they reflect the heat back outside. Close south- and west-facing curtains during the day to further reduce heat. If you absolutely have to get an air conditioner installed, opt for smart ACS since they reduce the consumption of electricity by a significant amount.

Consider applying window tint too. “You have no idea how incredible the new 3M window film products are — not only for reducing heat, but also for cutting down on the UV factor that can fade your carpet and materials,” says window designer and specialist Cory Jacoby of the Jacoby Company. “This should be your first line of defense.”

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