What is Nanotechnology?

“I have received a lot of emails and calls regarding nanotechnology since mentioning it in our last newsletter.

Basically, Nanotechnology is the study of manipulating matter on the molecular scale.

This technology is not new and can be found in many products today; everything from stretchy circuit boards and self-healing plastic to cancer medicines and fabric protection.

Most of the fabric and carpet guards are “topical” water-based and very temporary, while others are silicone products that are sticky by nature, attract soil, and can discolor fabrics over a period of time. This carpet cleaning st louis service has some effective tips that can help you identify the issue with your carpet and help you resolve them.

This technology is what separates us from other stain guards in the industry, and is used by carpet cleaning companies like Zerorez carpet cleaning in Pittsburgh. It allows our formula to bond with fabric and carpet yarn, without incasing it with a thick layer of chemicals, changing the feel or discoloring. This bonding allows normal household spills like wine, oil and coffee to blot up with just a dry cloth.

As an Interior designer you can now feel free to specify the finest of fabrics, like silk or chenille on dining chairs and other areas of soiling risk.”

courtesy of http://www.ultra-guard.com

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