The first type of window treatment are Blinds. But a true first time treatment which isn’t faux is a window cleaning that a service like SAS Windows in Perth Western Australia can carry out. As for blinds, they are distinguished by their movable slats and allow you to adjust the amount of light that filters into the room. They are hard window treatments and can be opened or closed when the blinds are lowered or raised. These slats are horizontal or vertical and are controlled by a cord or stick. Please consider the cordless type to allow maximum protection of young children and pets. The following are types of blinds:

Blinds are distinguished by their movable slats

Wood Blinds

These blinds are natural wood slats that are painted or stained. Wood blinds come in an array of grains and stains and are highly durable. The finishes can range from light pine to dark ebony and everything in between. It is a beautiful look when paired with wood furniture, wood trim and wood floors. And even more aesthetically pleasing when coupled with a Divani Casa Catania Transitional White Leatherette & Stainless Steel Sofa Set.

Faux Wood Blinds

These blinds are the best choice economically and are the easiest to maintain. They look and feel like real wood blinds but are more affordable and very durable. They are ideal for bathrooms and kitchens since they are moisture resistant. They are easy to clean and will not warp or fade.

Panel Track Blinds

The panel track blind is a good option to cover a large space. This blind is a series of panels that slide open and close on a track system. Panel track blinds are an excellent choice for sliding glass doors and give you optimal light control and privacy.

Mini Blinds

The lowest cost option would be the mini blind. This is a Westral blinds that is offered in every color and material imaginable.


Shutters are functional, attractive and will add value to the home. Shutters can be painted to match the decor of the room. Shutters control incoming light and offers a great degree of privacy. They insulate against heat. They are particularly beautiful for a unique style or shape of window such as a bay window. Shutters are an excellent choice since they are attractive from the interior and the exterior of the room.



The second type of window treatment are Shades. Shades are constructed of solid plastic, fabric or many other materials. Shades are distinguished by a cord system or spring which allows the shades to be raised or lowered. They allow you to control the length which the shade will hang down. One can also control the amount of light that is filtering into a room. Shades offer protection from glare. They are available in an array of colors to match the home. The following are types of shades:

Shades are constructed of solid plastic, fabric or many other materials

Sheer Shades

Sheer shades offer the look of a fabric but they function like a blind. When open, they allow light into the room and when closed, they offer privacy and completely block out the light. They are an elegant shade that is recommended for the living or dining room. They complement and add luxury to french doors.

Outdoor Shades

Outdoor shades are generally lightweight and made from solar screen material. They offer the utmost in privacy. These can be motorized which is a great option.

Roller Shades

When lowered, the roller shade hangs flat and when raised this shade rolls up into a rod. These shades are offered in blackout and light-filtering options which allows you to choose the amount of light control that you desire for any room. These can be motorized also and integrate into your current smart home system. A table with Beautiful Bar Stools to accompany it can be pushed against windows equipped with one of these shades, and set up to indulge oneself in pleasantries.

Solar Shades

These shades bring in light while filtering out the sun. They are energy efficient. They are an excellent choice for the family room. Solar shades protect the room from direct sunlight but are soft and elegant.

Pleated Shades

Pleated shades cascade down the window. The fabric is folded into pleats which are held together with a string. The string is what operates the shade and allows the shade to move up and down. Pleated shades are made from a single piece of fabric with pleats. They collapse and stack as you raise the shade. They come in a wide variety of colors and are a nice casual choice.

Roman Shades

Roman shades can be elegant or simple. They come in a variety of colors and fabrics. There are different styles available as well, ranging from simple and traditional to elegant. Roman shades are a classic fabric shade. They are one piece of fabric which feature horizontal folds down the length of the shade. When raised they fold up very nicely.

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades keep the heat out in the summer and keep the warmth in in the winter. There are cordless options available and they come in a variety of colors.They are a very calming shade and an excellent choice for the bedroom area. Everything from casual to elegant to tailored is available as well as woven wood shades. They are also an excellent choice for custom areas like arched windows.



Finally, there are Drapes and Curtains which are decorative while serving to block light from entering the room. They are an excellent choice for the dining room. Draperies are usually pleated, lined and floor length and are a more formal option adding style and elegance to the room. They are available in a vast array of fabrics and colors and patterns. Curtains hang from rods or rings and are more casual. They are available in solid colors or patterns and many fabrics. Choosing the right hardware is the key to it all…and Jacoby Company has you covered on that.

Drapes and Curtains which are decorative while serving to block light from entering the room



When considering what type of blind, shade, curtain or drape you will choose, there are lots of decisions to make and the experts at Jacoby Company Inc. are ready, willing and able to assist you.

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