We were inspired by our favorite room at the Pasadena Showcase House a few months ago. If you’ve never been before, it is a must see thing to do in Los Angeles once a year. If you love interior design and drapery like us, then you’ll love the Pasadena Design House. Well, since we went, we have been looking back at these photos of the room with the velvet green drapery. Velvet isn’t something we are used to seeing so it was a really nice surprise to see it being used in this way. The interior designer of this room did a fantastic job and we want to thank her/him for inspiring us to start using velvet more. As you will see in the photos, the velvet really brings the drama to the table. It’s like the cherry on top of the cake. Yes, the drapes would have looked good in a different fabric but it wouldn’t have brought the drama to the table. Usually we don’t like drama but in this drapery case, BRING IT ON!


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