I just came home for one of the most eventful times of the year for me- NYFW. This was my second fashion week I’ve been too and there is no feeling like it. The energy in the city and the inspiration everywhere around you is a euphoric feeling one can only experience for themselves. So I got to thinking how fashion and what we do really go hand in hand.

Fashion and interior design correlate so much that fabric trends from Europe come to the states and become a part of an interior designers design process. For instance, with what we do, fabric is so much apart of our design process that we get a lot of our inspiration from fashion trends. It is our job to know what is in and what is out. Right now, abstract prints are in but maybe in a 6 months it will be florals or stripes. We as a society are so influenced by the media that we turn to magazines like Elle Decor or Architectural Digest to give us inspiration and ideas.

So here are some of the fabric trends for Spring 2014. Don’t worry, it’s nothing crazy. If you’re a black and white fan, you’ll love this.

-Bree Jacoby

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