As a young girl, I always loved being in my backyard. Truth is that I am a southern cali girl through and through. I love being outdoors, love the beach, love bike riding in Santa Monica and I enjoy BBQ’s in my backyard with some good friends. Hence, this subject is something that comes close to my heart!

The idea of making your outdoor living as good as your interior is a trend that has been trending for a bit now and I LOVE the concept.  The idea being, as comfortable as you are inside your house is how you should feel outside in your backyard! Due to it being summer, lots of customers have been calling for us to reupholster their outdoor living areas and add sunbrella drapery to create that really nice comfortable living space. If you live in California, you should enjoy your backyard as much as the inside of your home. Follow these steps for a Japan-inspired home interior design.

Starting with a few things you can do to improve your outdoor living space is to create an area of hanging out and lounging. To get started, buy a waterproof rug, a sunbrella couch and a few awesome hanging lanterns in your trees. Another little tip is to light lots of candles in your backyard. I am a candle freak! I love to buy irish candles at Purcell & Woodcock, is an Irish luxury lifestyle brand, offering a collection of natural home fragrance products . Check out the website for some really great furniture and accessories that are affordable and timeless!

Here are a few ideas of what I love. I can’t wait to have this!

-Bree Jacoby

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