Paint may not seem intimidating but really, it is and that is ok! Choosing the right paint is almost like choosing the right career that you’re going to have for years and years. It is important to do it right the first time because every design decision will be based off of that color. Everything from the bedding to the furniture to the accessories, paint color dictates those decisions. So, think carefully! We always get asked, “What color paint should I use in this room?” Besides designing window treatments, we DRAPERISTAS do get asked those types of questions from our clients, all-the-time. Paint is such a personal preference, so it’s important to consider your style and whether you like warmer or cooler colors right off the bat. Once you figure out those basics, then it’s time for you to having some fun! It is important to keep in mind that you want your whole house to sync together which means you need to hire the right painters and choose colors that compliment one another. If you choose warm cremes and browns, you can paint one wall or a ceiling a darker color. Building some dimension with paint color is a really great way to make a room look more interesting and allows for creative accenting with your accessories in the room. Not every house has to be browns and cremes. Do you dare to be different? We are loving that black room (see below).


-Bree Jacoby


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