The obvious considerations are style and color. Of course matching the decor of the room is important but there is so much more…

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  1. Please consider children and pets in the home. Safety factors are #1. Choosing cordless is a must. Options that require cords or tie backs pose serious safety hazards. Additionally choosing blinds that will not fall if pulled on is a must also.
  2. Window access is an important consideration especially in the kitchen and bathroom.
  3. Considering energy efficiency is extremely important. As an added bonus, installing window treatments that are energy efficient will help you reduce your heating and cooling bills.
    window treatments that are energy efficientAdditionally, the IRS is giving up $1500 tax credit for homeowners that make home improvements that save energy. It is important to check and see if you qualify for this. (Look for Hunter Douglas Architella Honeycombs). Temperatures increase with direct sunlight during the summer and can affect the efficiency of cooling systems and the quality of air filters, which is why we quickly visited and got new air filters for the entire home. Window treatments act as an insulation by adding an additional layer of protection from the elements. Cellular shades have pockets that trap air and help keep the heat out in the summer and warmth in in the winter. If you look up for more info, you’d know that they are the best insulators of all energy efficient window treatments. Outdoor shades, made from solar screen material blocks the heat. They are an excellent choice for patios and porches.
  4. Choose window treatments that are beautiful from the outside as well as the inside. If you have a large picture window in the living room shutters are beautiful on the inside but have spectacular curb appeal from the exterior of the home.
  5. Pick a window treatment that has a good level of sun blockage. Solar shades cut the glare and control the UV rays thus filtering the sun. These shades will protect your fine art and furniture. You can also get furniture packages Perth to get everything you need for your bedroom or living room. Window exposure is a must to be considered. If windows face directly into the sunlight, it can cause furniture and carpet to fade. Exquisite artwork and heirloom furniture can easily be ruined if not protected from the sun.
  6. An important item to consider is the window treatments that allow us to sleep peacefully. Studies have shown that darkness makes you sleep better and makes you feel more rested.
    window treatments that allow us to sleep peacefullyAll of us need a good night’s sleep but it is especially important to darken the room for night shift workers who sleep in the day and babies who nap in the day. Bedroom drapes should be lined with blackout material, but keep in mind that if we don’t put a cornice box on top, then there will be a light bleed. Blackout draperies are also used to reduce noise and insulate against cold or heat. Black window film can be applied to the windows to offer ultimate privacy, but this is a last last resort. Most hard window treatments like shades and blinds offer a room darkening version. My best trick for this is using two products…a blackout roller shade inside the window and a Custom Shutter on top of that.
  7. For the kitchen and bathroom, window treatments that are water resistant is very important. Faux wood blinds are the best option since they are affordable, efficient, decorative and easy to maintain. Additionally they will not warp or fade and are easy to clean. Another option is grass shades or PVC Shutters.
  8. An important consideration is the budget. There are lots of inexpensive choices that will look stunning and dress up the decor of any room. Mini blinds are very popular and reasonably priced. They come in every color and pattern imaginable. Vertical blinds are a good economical choice as well. But, if you have a larger budget, please consider motorization, custom drapery and custom shutters. Window shutters by Shuttercraft are a very good choice. Remember, custom window treatments make a difference in the home.

Jacoby and Company Inc. can assist you with all your questions and considerations when selecting window treatments for your home

Jacoby and Company Inc. can assist you with all your questions and considerations when selecting window treatments for your home.

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