When we think of shutters, the classic white plantation options are status quo for the kind of image that might spring to mind. But what isn’t quite so common knowledge is that shutters are far more than the standard horizontal panels with a vertical control handle.

There is a class of shutters known as ‘clearview’ and are called such for their modern design that uses thinner yet equally effective panels without a vertical control handle to divide the middle. Instead, clearview shutters enact their name, eliminating the vertical handle in favor of a clandestine inner trigger that controls the shutter positioning. The effect is one of pure modern, effortless cool. Image sitting at a window sill and preening out the view without the blockage of a middle rail: this is the beauty of clearview shutters.

According to house renovation Dublin, clearview shutters are a perfect choice for those with a eye for elevated, futuristic designs. These shutters also make a awesome choice for those attracted to shutters but perhaps deterred by the idea that shutters can be cumbersome or delicate. With a minimalist design and  art-like appearance after installation, clearview shutters make a very savvy impression and improve the clarity of any view they watch over.

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Written by Claudette Davis 

Social Media Specialist 

for Jacoby Company 

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