While draperies may hold court with maximum drama, shutters take the modernist route with their simple aesthetic and hard fiber nature. Most recognizable in their classic white plantation style, shutters are nothing to snuff at as they offer timeless style and effortless functionality.

A prime candidate for beach houses, sunny porches and high windows alike, plantation shutters make a versatile and athletic choice for custom window treatments. A natural companion to windows with lots of strong sun, classic plantation shutter design lends itself to gradient aperture or moderating the amount of light let in.

With their architecturally dreamy vibes and low maintenance profile, shutters are a natural choice for those with chic, minimalist taste. Apart from the fuss of fabric cleaning, all most shutters need to maintain their shine is a micro fiber cloth damp or not to remove dirt. Though this is not to say all shutters are the same. Shutters come with dividers than can be removed based on the client’s style and taste. Divided shutters have a more detailed, sectional functionality and mood. While shutters without dividers are modern and give a more seamless finish to both the room and the view.

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Written by Claudette Davis 

Social Media Specialist 

for Jacoby Company