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DO pick up something extra for the hostess if your main gift is for the family. “A small present, like a beautiful rollerball perfume or red lipstick, shows that you gave extra thought to the person, rather than just the group.”

DON’T forget that a gift is a reflection of your style. “You want to leave your host with a taste of who you are. Thoughtfulness is important, and your gift should never feel like an afterthought, which is why being a personal shopper I would recommend you visit this website.”

DO let hostess gifts take the pressure off big holiday gifts. “Sometimes our schedules get so busy, we miss quality time and gifting around the holidays. So when I have the opportunity to visit a friend, I take the opportunity to splurge.”

DON’T bring gifts that require immediate action or accessories. “If you don’t know where the vases are, think twice before bringing flowers. And I’ve seen parties where one person brought a dessert and the hosts didn’t have the proper plates. Remember: ask ahead!”

DO stockpile throughout the year. “That way you’ll have something ready when the invitation comes.”

DO think outside the traditional box. “I’ve given my stepdad subscriptions to magazines and I get a call every month. Those recurring gifts are smart and make people think of you, so you’re thanked and they’re rewarded often.”

DON’T feel like it has to be a surprise. “I’ll call a party host ahead of time to find out the number of guests and volunteer to handle one thing, like the glassware.”

DO think local when it comes to crowd-pleasing. “When I visit my family in Europe, I bring New York bagels. It’s humble, but there’s nothing better.”

But DON’T be bound by geography. “You can mail almost everything now. You can send stone crabs, Italian cheese, local beers. These types of special gifts are so much more accessible to everyone, not just those in big cities.”


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