Have you ever wondered, really, what makes Custom Drapery cost so much? Whenever I am talking about custom drapery, and the client has not done this before, they almost about faint when they hear how much it is going to cost them.  I would like to take a few seconds of your time and tell you about the process and why it appears expensive.  One thing we all need to remember, and I try to explain this in detail to my clients, this treatment is one you are going to be living with, looking at, enjoying for years to come and it needs to be perfect, not something you can just buy on line and hope it works.  Custom Drapery, when done correctly, can dramatically can a room and your lives—believe it or not.  That is why our tag line is, “changing lives one window at a time”, because we do.  So, back to the costs….

First, we have the cost of the drapery material itself.  This fabric range can be from$ 5.00 a yard to over a hundred dollars a yard- yikes.  But, honestly, most of our fabrics never get that high as I even find those prices out of line.  Then, we need to add lining, blackout or regular sateen, then decide if the drapery will need an interlining, then we have to pick the most fabulous hardware to compliment the drapery, and then once that is all gathered, off the workroom the fabrics go.  We don’t send out draperies to the orient to  be made up, but instead,  do the work in our workroom.  This not only provides jobs for local folks, but the quality control and workmanship are excellent and I prefer offering that quality to our clients.  You can see from the pictures that making a custom drapery, from the beginning of the cutting process to ironing the fabrics, getting the pleats sewn in or hand stitched, to pressing all the sides of the hems of the drapery and it goes on and on until the finished product is hung up for inspection and then plastic wrapped waiting for Gary to pick it up for installation.

Does custom drapery cost more than ready made drapery?  Yes, and now you can see why.  And, all for good reason.  Tomorrow I am going to blog all about the different linings to use and the following day, I will be blogging all about the installation process.

I hope this article has helped you understand our business a little bit better.  But, don’t worry, I have tricks up my sleeve that can help cut the costs to make custom drapery affordable.

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