Imagine a beautiful house made of wood sitting close to a calm and peaceful ocean. This house  is painted a warm shade of beige, only a few hues darker than the sand itself. You go inside this house to find Industrial Floor Coating on the smooth floor and stunning oceanfront views of a endless vista of indigo water. If you open up a window, the Pacific ocean breeze will travel all through the house bringing with it a fresh salty smell. Now try to imagine how what kind of drapery or treatment this window would have. Let’s say you choose fabric drapes for their ethereal movement and atmospheric drama. What color would they be and what difference could it really make in the already spectacular room?

This is one of the defining questions that clients encounter when selecting their custom window treatments. What color should it be? Color has tremendous power to aid us in our search for beautiful home aesthetic and it has everything to do with our personal style. If our hypothetical beach window drapes were blue it would be a classic combination that capitalizes on the expansive regality of the ocean.  Blue would also evoke the endlessness color of the water horizon into the house, each wind push of the drapes would mimic the rippling of waves. If yellow were chosen for the color of the drapes, the effect would be entirely different.


Where blue brings the coolness of water into the house, yellow draws emotionally and visually focus to the warmth of the beach. Yellow has a uplifting power, its saturation reminds us of the power of sunshine and has a ability to expand not only space but also imagination. Yellow as a beach house window treatment color creates a space that is less focused on the tranquil states that blue conjures and more concerned with activity and fun.


Any chosen color on a window treatment will stand out and make a statement of its own.  Colors used in window treatments will always appear heightened because the color itself is a framing device. One that when used genuinely and skillfully extends the window’s connection to place and deepens the client’s relationship not only to the color but most importantly to their own sense of home.





written by Claudette Davis. 

Social Media Specialist

For Jacoby Company  


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