Solar Shades are an excellent way to add comfort to your home while providing privacy and saving money.  Solar Screens are reasonably priced, and often times sunscreens pay for themselves within a few years by reducing the cost of utility bills

You have multiple fabric choices depending on how much light (and heat) you want to block.  Solar fabrics lets in enough light so you can enjoy the views of long summer evenings, while keeping out most of the sun’s fade-inducing UV rays. They’re great for living rooms, family rooms, kitchens—wherever you want to keep an eye outdoors without letting in the full force of the midsummer sun.

For bedrooms or anywhere you really need to take a stand against direct sunlight, solar screens are the way to go. They’ll let in a bit of gently diffused light while helping to maintain privacy (and, for the cost-conscious homeowner, helping to ease the load on your AC).

Their sleek design lends a sophisticated, modern simplicity to your  décor.

Interested in switching to solar energy in your house to save money? Click here to read my response on the numerous benefits of switching to solar energy.

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