It’s hot in here!

How Smart are Your Shades?

Have you ever left the house in the morning, only to find it’s now the hottest afternoon of the year and all of your shades are open?
Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to protect your décor and keep your home cool by closing your shades … from anywhere?

Read on to discover options, learn the technology and see how easy and affordable automated window coverings can be.

Changing technology
Technology is changing fast and window coverings are no exception with the integration of
Smart Home Technology
Do you have smart shades?
why use smart technology?
It’s not only a more convenient way to operate shades, imagine the advantages and time-saving benefits. Here are some of our favorites.
  • Eliminate all cords for the ultimate solution in child/pet safety
  • No more standing in front of the shade each time to open and close
  • Operate hard to reach or high windows with ease
  • Open room darkening shades from your bed to wake-up
  • Set an automatic opening time to get kids up for school
  • Close nursery shades before taking in a sleeping baby
  • Set a movie scene to instantly darken a room
  • Keep fingers/dirt off your shades
  • Save hours of your life!
up your home security game
Imagine your shades opening and closing each day while you’re away to give your home the ‘lived in’ look.

…while …
taking advantage of solar gain  by having usually ‘closed for vacation’ shades open during the day.
It’s a great deterrent for opportunist burglars looking for vacant homes
control options
remote control
Single and multi-channel remotes make moving your shades a breeze from the comfort of your bed or armchair.

Set favorite positions for complete customization

wand control
Some brands offer a cost-effective power wand control which has less functionality than other fully remote systems but works well for 1 or 2 window applications. Options are battery and rechargeable systems
Forgot to open/close your shades?

Learn how some brands operate
from any smart device from anywhere in the world

smart speakers 
Use smart speakers such as Google Home, Amazon Alexa and other home automation systems (where available) to operate your window coverings

“Alexa, open my shades 50%”

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power options 
Choose from battery operated, DC plug-in or hard-wired power.

Most customers opt for battery power as a convenient and cost-effective way to add automated shades to existing windows. Shades often operate for years before replacing the batteries (dependent on usage and shade size).

Some brands offer rechargeable batteries and/or solar re-charge kits.

Building a New Home?
Pre-wire your new windows at the build stage to allow for complete integration. No batteries needed with simple low voltage wires run by your electrician. Ask us for details.
style options
Most all window coverings can now be automated. While we can’t add it to existing products, we can help you switch out any outdated styles for energy-efficient and ‘smart’ new coverings and educate you on the best choices for your home.
Don’t Forget Drapery
That’s right! Drapery hardware can be automated to make closing traversing panels as simple as pushing a button, keeping your fabric pristine.

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