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Roller shades are the new trend as they are retro, simple, stylish and price perfect. As we
all know, as time progresses, draperies, blinds, shades, and shutters start to develop in
creative and exotic styles, however simple roller shades still remains in the trend. Even
though roller shades can now be made in various types of cloths and prints such as
grasscloth, monogrammed, and spring loaded, yet the simple shades never go out of style.
Let’s take a trip to explore the widespread use of these simple yet multi-functional shades!

Exterior design choices and uses

This Corten-steel clad corner house in Venice demonstrates how simple roller shades are used for exterior design purposes. The orange and red shades not only adds a playful element to the
overall design of the house’s exterior, but also blocks the sun on Los Angeles’ hot summer days.

Now we can shift from the exterior to interior design use of simple roller shades

LARICE BIANCOPhoto by EuroWest Decorative Surfaces

A spacious kitchen with floor-to ceiling windows looks amazing.
However, if the window is facing the direction where the sun will shine through directly at a certain time of the day, installing simple roller shades that blend in with the wall can come in handy. Have the shades up when you want the view and let the shades down when the sun is too  bright and uncomfortable.

How awesome is that?

Halifax St
Photo by Mike Strutt Design

On the other hand, installing these shades in high rise buildings can help more in blocking the
sun because high rise buildings are directly under the sun. The sun can cause reflection of
television screen, which makes watching television in the living room uncomfortable.
Simple roller shades also are used widely in living rooms.

Drew McGukin Interiors - Chelsea ApartmentLiving High rise
Photo by Drew McGukin Interiors @drewmcgukin –            Photo by Butter Lutz Interiors, LLC

Low-rise and high-rise houses both need roller shades. Installing simple roller shades in
living room of low-rise houses can help block the sun and also increase privacy since some houses are on ground level. As shown in the photo, the walls are all white and thus using while roller shades will not ruin the simple design of the living room.

The Bathroom - Feix&MerlinYorba Linda Residence
Photo by Feix&Merlin Architects –                                                Photo by International Custom Designs

Relaxing in a luxurious bathtub can be amazingly calming and stress relieving.However, privacy is still an important issue when it comes to bathrooms . Therefore, installing simple
roller shades can increase privacy if the bathroom’s windows are facing another house’s window. Yo u wouldn’t want people to be able to see you when you are enjoying your awesome bubble bath right?

Last but not least, simple roller shades are also very useful for a college student like myself.2 Since I am a light sleeper, blackout roller shades saved my life. The shades completely blocked the light when the sun rises and I sleep well everyday ever since these shades were installed. Among the various phone calls that I made to window treatment companies, I chose Jacoby Company because they were the first company that takes into account my sleep issues and my budget as a student, which was very thoughtful. Other companies only provided me choices
and prices.

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