SIL_2003_BathroomTDBULight diffusion and room darkening together in one extraordinary product.

The Best of Both Worlds

Silhouette Duolite shadings seamlessly combine a Silhouette shading together with an independently operated room-darkening roller shade that nestles behind it in the same headrail. The addition of the roller shade enhances the room darkening and privacy benefits of Silhouette, while still allowing you to enjoy the softly diffused light and view through that Silhouette shadings are known for.

Variable Light Control

Once the Silhouette shading is down with the vanes open, the room-darkening roller shade can be positioned in the window at any height to allow maximum flexibility when determining your light control and privacy needs. The shade can even be completely recessed into the headrail and out of sight. The most important thing here is the reduction in electric bills. As if business gas rates aren’t steep enough, the electricity wastage here should be completely desisted.

Room Darkening

When completely lowered, the roller shade significantly reduces the amount of light entering the space, creating the perfect setting for sleep time, movie time or any other time when room darkening is desired.

Transformational beauty rarely has such practical benefits:
• TRANSFORM harsh sunlight. Vanes and sheers combine to softly filter light.
• PROVIDE ultraviolet protection. Sheers and vanes combine to provide up
to 88% ultraviolet protection with vanes open, 99% when closed.
• ENHANCE natural day lighting. Sheers disperse sunlight deep into the
room, reducing the need for electric lights.
• PRESERVE outside views. No cords or tapes run through product to obstruct
outside views.
• SECURE daytime privacy. View to the outside is clear. View from the outside
is obscured during the day.
• REFLECT solar heat. Exterior sheer reflects the sun’s heat, often more vital
than insulation.

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