We all know the expression,  “Turkey with all the trimmings” .   It is just not a meal without those side dishes to complete it.  We all have our signature dish.

The same can be said of your home trimmings.  You make your House a Home with all your personal trimmings–

From valances and panels to pillows and ottomans.  Those signature pieces personalize your Home and make it uniquely yours.  Cory can look at your home instantly and know what it needs to be complete.  Maybe as simple as just painting a wall for an accent, or adding those side panels to the Shutters to kick up the look.  Turkeys need stuffing and windows need drapery.  Come on, it’s true.  Here is this to think about…..”A poem without words is like a window without a beautiful covering.  Let’s make this happen before Aunt Sadie comes over for dinner.

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