When setting your table …you set the mood …

All kidding aside… A beautiful dinner party starts with a well set table..

Whenever I am about to entertain our guests, I always try to coordinate the table setting with season.  I firmly believe that as much as we try to make our dinners about the food–our endless preparations from appetizers to fancy desserts, it really starts with a good table setting.  Many people that I have come in contact with over my years in this business have seen how I can set a really nice table and have even asked me to give them lessons in doing this!  One of my friends, who is way way too busy with being a Pharmacist, asked me to (and paid me) to set her table for a dinner party of 10. The evening was a smashing success and the compliments were flowing.

Last night we entertained 6 of our friends for dinner and I set a beautiful table with a”fall” theme.  How did I do this, you might ask?  Well, I wanted the colors to be creme for the table cloth,

A.  Flowers:  Go buy small round glass flower holders.  Fill with water and small oranges (whole). Go buy some flowers in the fall colors that you can cut short.  You always want to make sure the flowers aren’t very high so you can see your guests from across the table.  Make sure each flower arrangement is full and not skimpy.  Refrigerate the flowers until about 1/2 before your guests arrive.

B.  Buy a flat mirror runner for the table to set the flowers and the candles on.  This makes a beautiful presentation.

C.  Go to Michaels (or any local craft store) and buy low candle holders.  I bought some yesterday that were in the shape of a tulip and they looked beautiful.  Arrange the flowers in between the candles as shown in the picture.

D. Get name cards.  People love seeing their names at the table and it makes a  good conversation starter.

E.  Large wine glasses are always a nice touch

F. Water glasses should be full when the guests sit down and put cucumber in the glass for the crisp taste and the green color.

G.  Don’t forget to set the silverware properly.  As simple as this sounds it is really important.  The forks go on the left hand side and the knifes and spoons on the right.

I.  Put the napkins directly on the plate (I use two napkins of different colors and fan it out).

Just remember that dinner parties are about being in a room that is welcoming, (here is where our fabulous window coverings come into play), complimented by a great table setting that reflects season and the occasion.

I have heard before that I spend a lot of energy on this and why do I waste my time.  And, my response to that is, time is the gift that we give each other every time we sit down together so why not make it as special as it could be?

Email me if you have any questions and let’s see if I can help.  Need any great window treatments, by chance??

The simplest touches make all the difference…

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