SchimmerScreen is available in various styles suited for numerous applications, including room dividers, area separators, partitions, window treatments, beaded curtains, and more.

Nickel Plated Steel or Brass – Sophisticated, bright silver finish, highly polished, creates a clean sculptured crisp appearance. Offered over steel or brass.

Stainless Steel –  Pewter, silver gray in color adds a softer feel with impeccable durability. Best option for any applications where there is a lot of moisture. Good for indoor/outdoor applications including, showers, pool settings, bathroom applications, etc.

Powder Coated – A full range of powder coat colors and textures includes a comprehensive color palette. The range includes, special effects finishes, the smooth & glossy series, and an array of textured finishes.

Round: The classic round ball chain style.





Faceted: Adds life by enhancing light reflection.





Ball-Bar: A great alternative that adds a crisp, clean style.

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