Proceed With Caution: This article is red hot!

You may or may not appreciate decorating with the color red and don’t worry you’re not the only one. We were scared of it too. In fact, we were just in a clients house last week and in his living room he painted it bright lipstick red – (if you know MAC makeup, it was just like the color Ruby Woo lipstick.) When we saw the room, we were floored with how different it was to actually see someone use such a daring color in one of their main rooms in the house. But, we thought to ourselves and got to thinking about how such a bright color can add a lot to the design in a house. Red is fun, daring, sexy, and bold. We could all use a little of that these days no? ELLE really shows us how using red and accenting in blue’s is the way to go. As you will see in the photos, check out how drapery is used. They used an architectural rod with drapes behind the bed (what an awesome idea!!) and they created a valance on the one window with the asian lamps. Now, do you feel red hot? We sure do!




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