Roman shades are such a fun way to bring in a pop of color into almost any room…even in a kitchen! These types of window treatments are a very way to make a window look bigger by installing it as an outside mount and taking it an inch over on each side and 5 or 6” above the window frame. Otherwise, these treatments look great to fit your window as an inside mount if your windows allow for the 2” depth of the shade to be installed.

I know that these types of shades are my favorite to design. One reason why is because they’re so versatile and come in about 6 different styles. Here are your options in roman shade land

1. Ribbed Pleat (with the sticks in front)

2. Flat / Classic (these must be with some sort of designed fabric or else it looks like a sheet….and who wants a sheet?)

3. Smile Style (where the bottom of the shade is curved like a :) smile.)

4. Knife Pleat (looks like a flat roman shade except there are lines every 6” down like the ribbed pleat but the sticks are behind the shade)

5. Hobbled (overlapping fabric every few inches)

6. London style (where the corners of each side of the shade pleat together)

So what is your favorite?

-Bree Jacoby


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