Above all the others, one trend that has become recurrent in interior design is the trend of naturalism. In today’s world where the effects of global warming are undeniable and solutions towards sustainable ways of business and life are debated upon a frenetic political and ecological stage, the urge to be environmentally conscious is palpable.

For the past decade there has been a steady rise in clientele looking for materials and aesthetics that fit within the ‘green movement’. The movement is away from paints or fabrics that involve heavy or harmful chemicals and fumes as part of the treatment process. Instead, it is the minimally processed, organic home goods that people are seeking. There is a strong undercurrent of regeneration attached to reevaluating the home space and seeking to make it closer to what is ‘natural’. Going beyond a earth toned color palette and into the composition of materials with preference towards untreated, unprocessed and verifiably organic goods. This new consumer market has not gone unnoticed by of distributors and manufacturers. They have not only taken heed but also inspired with many brands and labels creating specialized products to meet the ‘green’ demand.

Jacoby Company offers the Roc-lon black out drapery lining which carries a certificate of formaldehyde free composition. Both environmentally conscious and sustainable, the luxurious Roc-lon drape option lets clients have forward thinking technology without sacrificing style or lacking in performance. This has become a increasingly popular option for clients who want the newest in cutting edge fiber-technology as well as those looking to leave environmentally damaging products behind.


written by Claudette Davis

Social Media Specialist

For Jacoby Company  

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