• Neutrals will always be Queen: No matter what, neutrals are great for designing around. This is one trend to use as a baseline from which you can get creative with other more modern trends. Whenever working with both new trends and classic looks, try to keep the more expensive and baseline pieces in line with a timeless look, while experimenting with some of the smaller details. One thing you will never go wrong designing with is a basic, natural linen colored, shade to set the baseline for your other designs.























  • Wovens are back: If you are looking to create a natural and eco-chic design in your home, this is an especially good call. Grassweaves and bamboo are all the rage, and you can easily use these pieces to add texture to your basic linen shade. Try throwing in a sage green sheer to give the whole thing that added bit of pop!



















  • Plantation shutters are an investment in your style future: While it may seem that plantation shutters have gone out the window, the experts say that they are truly an investment in the future of your home decor. They are elegant and inviting, and you can always have them custom fit and designed with automatic levers. There are a lot of great new options included in the latest designs, making plantation shutters must haves!














  • Sheers let the sun shine in: When you pair a neutral shade with a bold colored sheer, you can make your room really light up. In addition, open the shade and let the sheer mitigate the blinding sunlight and turn in into a beautiful glow that adds energy and ambience to a space.




















post found on photos found on pinterest.


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