We have a question for our fans and followers:  What could be better than getting rave reviews on Angie’s List

Answer:  Getting rave reviews from a top radio personality who went to Angie’s List to get her own draperies done!

Honestly, we’re so thrilled, we just had to share this with you! In a nutshell, here’s what happened:

Stephanie Miller, the totally hot political talk show host of The Stephanie Miller Show (AM 1150, 6-9am drive time) and Talking Liberally (Current TV, 9 am ET/ 6 am PT) needed window treatments for her home and—as luck would have it—Angie’s List is a sponsor of her talk show, so she figured she would start her search there.

Now, in case you don’t already know about Angie’s List, this online vendor and services listing was the groundbreaker in consumer-review websites and has been the leading search resource for products and services for years. Because consumers themselves critically review the products and services they use (and because no one can get paid to submit a review), Angie’s List members know that they can log on and find the absolutely most outstanding and reliable home improvement and health services around—vouched for by the people who have recently used them!

Anyway, Stephanie could have had her producer locate a resource for her window treatments, but instead she decided to conduct the search herself, just to see if her sponsor, Angie’s List, was all it was said to be. Happily for us (and many thanks to the raves of our homeowner reviewers), after a quick scan of the reviews, Stephanie chose to work with Jacoby Company.

Now she is not only one more delighted Jacoby Company customer, she is our first national on-the-air rave reviewer! You can listen to her completely unscripted rave review right now (just click on the attachment to this email). What’s more, Stephanie was so impressed by our service, she even placed a Jacoby Company link on her own website, www.stephaniemiller.com, to back up her endorsement!

We’re so proud of Stephanie’s review that we hope you will take a moment to listen to it. We have attached it to our home page.  In fact, if you do—and if you’ve been thinking about new draperies, window treatments, shutters, upholstery and more—we’ll sweeten the deal for you and give you 10% off your next order, an outstanding value up to $400, cannot be combined with other offers, new orders only. So email us right now with your phone number so that we can call you to book your appointment. Then we’ll come out to your home with amazing ideas and a carload of fabulous samples for you to consider, and we’ll help to make your own home improvement dreams come true—just like we did for Stephanie.

Can’t wait to see you soon!

All our best,

Cory & Gary


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