You know when you wake up and the sun is shining in your room so bright that it wakes you up at 6AM? You’re probably wondering, what in the world can be done to get rid of this problem. We have the answer for you and it starts with a big B- BLACKOUT. Blackout drapery or shades will make you feel like you’ve been staying at a luxury hotel when really you’re in the comfort of your own room. How great is that? We have customers who swear by blackout and will only do blackout in their bedrooms. Plus, in this heat, blackout will help you save money in energy bills because it is such a great insulator. Call us for some blackout drapes before you blackout from this heat!

Side note: We don’t recommend blackout in baby rooms because it’s not natural for a baby to always be sleeping in a blackout room. Baby’s should be exposed to natural light when the sun rises. 

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