Performance meets sustainability with Crypton Performance Cotton. Our Crypton Performance Cotton collection is made with 50% or more recycled cotton and is woven in the U.S. at Crypton Mills in North Carolina. Garment materials that would otherwise be considered waste are shredded and spun to create Recover yarns. Crypton uses these Recover yarns, the lowest-impact recycled cotton yarn. In addition to being made of recycled fibers, all Crypton Home fabrics are Greenguard Gold Certified – ensuring they are tested for chemicals VOCs and certified non-toxic.

S4210 Mustard Fabric
S4210 Mustard48 yds
S4209 Canary Fabric
S4209 Canary169 yds
S4225 Pistachio Fabric
S4225 Pistachio85 yds
S4204 Hemp Fabric
S4204 Hemp86 yds
S4228 Vapor Fabric
S4228 Vapor89 yds

Offering your clients safe upholstery fabrics for their loved ones while contributing to a healthy planet is essential, but combing those qualities with Crypton’s stain and odor-resistant technology is unparalleled. Most liquids simply roll off Crypton fabrics or can be quickly blotted off the surface with a dry sponge. For larger messes a simple water and dish soap solution does the trick.

Dense in texture yet delightfully soft, Crypton Performance Cotton is an excellent choice for residential, commercial, and hospitality interiors. You’ll find colors ranging from burnt oranges to timeless textured neutrals. The collection’s small-scale patterns make it a versatile choice for upholstery projects.

S4220 Chocolate Fabric
S4220 Chocolate108 yds
S4218 Persimmon Fabric
S4218 Persimmon61 yds
S4206 Millet Fabric
S4206 Millet57 yds
S4211 Straw Fabric
S4211 Straw95 yds
S4229 Robins Egg Fabric
S4229 Robins Egg80 yds

Our commitment to offering a larger selection of sustainable fabrics continues to grow. We are thrilled to announce our January 2023 collection featuring three sample books composed of 100% recycled fabrics. Follow us on social media and subscribe to our blog to stay updated as new collections launch.

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