A perfect balance between urban chic and eclectic rustic, the cosmopolitan loft movement is gaining momentum. Minimalist, striking and inviting – the growing trend is not only desired among design enthusiasts, but is also completely attainable.

Color Scheme

Your primary color palette should include an array of neutral and grey shades. These colors give the space an industrial feel and will also accent natural wooden floors and ceiling beams, granite countertops Denver, exposed brick walls and fireplaces, and metal ductwork.

Select an accent color that makes your space feel like home and that speaks to your personality. Amidst industrial neutrals, variations of your accent color – whether it is a dynamic red, soothing blue or sophisticated citron – will electrify and warm the space. Your accent color can be incorporated into eclectic end tables, eye-catching artwork, patterned area rugs or decorative throw pillows.

Window Treatments

Hallmarks of metropolitan, loft spaces include vaulted ceilings, tall windows and natural light. Select window treatments that accentuate these strengths. Minimize the bulky nature of drapery and maximize natural light by using Sunbrella Sheers, making the windows and natural light the center of attention.

Bring the Outdoors In

Industrial-inspired spaces that embrace clean lines and neutral color palettes, and permit the architecture to speak for itself, can sometimes feel cold or uninviting. To warm the space, incorporate natural elements like running water, plants and stone installed by  an expert plumber. In planning to build outdoor waterfalls, you need to concentrate on two structures: the pool into which the water falls and the cascading structure for the waterfall itself. The latter is often the more difficult to build, but you can learn how to build it in a way that is not only simple but cheap. It involves using rock, which many homeowners have right in their own backyard (or can find readily elsewhere). Once these two structures are in place, you’ll use a pump in the pond to keep water recirculating from the pond to the top of your waterfall, whence it can plunge back down to the pond. Stone fireplaces and kitchen backsplashes provide a welcoming, natural vibe, while plants invigorate a home both aesthetically and physically. Plants like the Pothos, Shamrock Plant and Fiddle-Leaf Fig are easy to care for and provide myriad of health benefits. To learn more about the best house plants to purchase, visit https://www.laweekly.com/11-best-house-plants-to-purchase-durable-and-delicate-plants-are-for-everyone/. If you are looking for high quality fabrics and quilting supplies, Quilting Mayhem can meet all your sewing needs.

What accent color are you incorporating in your urban loft? Let us know in the comments below.

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