Fall is dropping its gorgeous veil upon us: crisp blue autumn skies, air with less heat and more bite, the unexpected color of leaves that have fallen overnight and the cold smell of morning dew that greets the nose on the way out of the door. Even if it is with a bit of sadness we are leaving summer behind and welcoming the Autumn. If you take a peak out your window, its all happening faster than you think.

Fall creates anticipation for short days, longer, cooler nights and of course the holiday season. Which means lots of family, loads of food and plenty of festivities waiting. From dinner parties, fun gatherings or romantic meetings, you will want your space looking its most fabulous. Think in detail this season, intricacies and metallics are whats catching and holding our attention. From silver rimmed jewels, enameled pins or flowers, even bits of tinsel are making all the difference on window treatments and upholstery for the season. Metallics go great with drapery, from silver to gold there is tremendous beauty in juxtaposing soft fabric with hard metals.  

It’s all about creating a accented effect with thoughtfully placed embellishment. Right on trend and exuding an easy kind of cool, these glamorous accents can shift your drapery into high gear.  Metallic jewelry accents for your window treatments are not only directly on trend and highly customizable but also draw the eye and start the conversation. Imagine your next dinner party elevated by just a bit of sparkle to imbue your views with playfulness, elegance and light.

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Written by Claudette Davis

Social Media Specialist 

for Jacoby Company 

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