Well, as I am sitting on the plane coming back from the Nashville show, I am pleased to report that so many things are changing within our field with technology.

Mind you, all of this motorization is a bit overwhelming as each window covering company has pretty much their own systems, and it is our challenge to make this all work for the consumer. So many questions we all have these days, “is your home a smart home”, if it is, “what is the system your home has been wired with?” Many times I have gotten a blank look on my client’s faces when I ask this question, because a lot of times with new construction, they have no idea. After all, their last house wasn’t smart.

Beyond that issue, so often these days, I have noticed that our clients want to use their smartphones or Alexa to operate their shades/blinds or drapery. Now, we have a different issue. How strong is the home’s internet? How far is the router from the shades? Those issues can create so many headaches because now -with the weak internet- the shades won’t work properly.

All of this can be overwhelming, to say the least. What we did learn at this convention is that we can take care of all of this for you. We know which shades offer the Somfy motors and which hub to buy to make these shades work with Alexa. We can also handle the question to see if the home internet is strong enough to speak to the hub’s required to operate the shades. If you have a “smart home”, we know the questions to ask you, or we can talk with your AV Technician to get our answers before we present any products to you. We also can warn you about which products to say away from if you want all of the window treatments to work together.

Motorization is here to stay and it is becoming more affordable by the day. The market is becoming extremely competitive driving the cost of motors down so each one of us can enjoy this luxury. The key is not the motors themselves, but the implementation of knowing how to put his puzzle together.

Luckily for me, my husband loves puzzles and truly looks forward to the challenge of all of this. He can make sense of it all. Me? I just want to create fabulous window coverings that makes your home a place you want to come home to at night or just enjoy during the day. Our homes are our sanctuary after all.

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