If you’ve ever been to Palm Springs or if you ever plan on going, I highly recommend you go and see The Parker Hotel. The hotel is by far one of the coolest layouts, designs, architecture I have seen yet….and that’s saying a lot because I am a harsh critic. Well, for starters, the hotel is in Palm Springs. I mean, what better of a place for interior designer, Jonathan Adler to design? Mid-century modern is all the rage and Jonathan Adler specializes in that kind of design. My gosh, this hotel is just beyond, beyond….and I am speechless.

After my trip visiting The Parker, I have become even more in love with that type of interior design and it really got my creative juices flowing! Why do I love mid-century modern? Well. for starters, everything about it makes me happy and that’s always a good thing. The style is all about bright colors, the wood furniture and bold patterns. What is there not to love? I feel like most of us have become so complacent in a sea of white, grey’s and black. But, let’s be honest. Who here gets really creative and passionate in a room full of NO colors….? I do love those colors but it is so nice to actually like something bold and fun in a home or hotel!

Clients are always wondering, what type of window treatments can we recommend for mid-century modern homes. The answer to that question would be roller shades, flat
roman shades, clear view shutters (without the sticks) or drapery on a reverse pleat! (I have some photos below so you can see what I mean..) Just remember, less is more in mid-century modern homes.

Here are some photos that will hopefully inspire the creative juices in you! Get on this mid-century modern kick, I promise it’s exciting.


-Bree Jacoby

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