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Curtains have been used for ages to block out the heat and sun, but window films are rising to fame!

Window films have numerous benefits, the first being you won’t need to sacrifice a beautiful window view with curtains in order to block the sun from pouring through! Window films can block up 99% of UV Rays, which can help control the amount of heat that is pushed in on a warm day while also protecting you from sun-related skin problems.Ritz-Carlton-Charlotte_Gym_1280x720

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Window films can also help prevent fading of interior upholstery, wood floors, and even your carpet and walls.

Watching TV and can’t see everything going on because the sun is causing a giant glare on the screen? Window films can reduce glare while providing soft, neutral light at any time of day!

Jacoby Company uses Hüper Optik for your window film needs. Their superb quality has high ultraviolet rejection-greater than 99.9%! Using 100% dye and metal-free material, Hüper Optik brings great value to you in your home or office!

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