Listen to the Experts…. Diana Turner is a fantastic realtor and one we have worked with on many projects. We can’t recommend her highly enough. Here are a few of her tips!


1. De-Clutter

Buyers want to imagine themselves in your home. Think less-not more for furnishings and accessories. Take all family photos out except for maybe two. Allow your agent to make suggestions about furniture so the home shows well. When I sold my old house, I had used a handful number of tips from to make it look better. To my surprise, the tips worked marvellously and got my house sold within no time. This is the time to get rid of old items with a garage sale. And box up “must haves” and put in garage. Give a deadline for kids to get their stuff out of garage.


2. Clean

Once you have reorganized your interior, get a good carpet cleaning service to clean all carpets, proceed with baths, kitchens, windows. dirty carpets, tiles, etc – give Ready Set Maids a call. Do the odor test with a friend to see if there are smells you don’t notice from pets or other reasons. Open windows and air out the house. Nice fresh towels in all baths is a must. And make sure your closets look OK. Yes, buyers do open closets so they can see if their clothes/shoes will fit there. Get professional cleaning tips from


3. Curb Appeal

Some buyers will drive by first to see the neighborhood and house from the street. If your home is not appealing, they may pass on seeing the inside. Your home front needs to look tidy and inviting. Make sure the walkway is clean. If there are cracks in your driveway, have it repaired by expert driveways northampton contractors. Don’t leave trash cans by curb lingering for days. Trim back bushes and trees so the house can be seen. Plant a few flowers to brighten it up. And paint the front door area and have a fresh doormat if needed. Your home must make a good first impression from the entry! Make sure the doors and jambs are in good working order, if not use this source: Union Locksmith Las Vegas.


Plus Window Coverings

Replace shabby drapes or blinds with my go to person Cory Jacoby, Lead Designer , Jacoby Company Inc 310-476-3291. A house should look light and not drab. Cory will advise you on what should be changed within your budget. Focus on living/den room and master bedroom. Guest bedrooms or kids rooms are less important.

Cory has done a great job for my multi-million dollar clients. She will make suggestions based on her great experience for you..

And let me know how I can help you buy or sell in the Los Angeles Westside or South Bay areas. I handle all price ranges from first time buyers to seasoned upscale buyers/sellers.

Cheers to a Happy Home!

A Top Producer
Realtor, BA, e-Pro






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