Did you buy a home on a busy street or perhaps you just need more peace and quiet? Maybe it’s time to look into purchasing acoustic panels and sound proof windows from Tashman Home Center- the only place to purchase your sound proof windows in Los Angeles. Our friends over there will take good care of you. Kenny, the owner of the business has taken over from his dad. Tashman Home Center is too, a family owned and run business! Check them out on the web at http://www.tashmans.com.

SOUND PROOF and window treatments go hand in hand. Drapery that is lined and interlined always helps block out noise in addition to the windows in your house. Window treatments are great for insulating and noise control but sometimes you just need a bit more and this is where SOUND PROOF windows come into play. Here is an interesting page I took from their website about SOUND PROOF WINDOWS by Tashman Home Center!


If noise is keeping you awake or interfering with your work, there’s something you can do. In fact, it’s important to your health to do something about it.

Noise It’s Bad for your health!

It is universally accepted that sleep disturbances and disruptions can cause many health problems including changes in mood, increased stress, reduced productivity and diminished alertness. Sleep deprivation can also lead to serious illness such as heart disease, diabetes and other illnesses. Even one night’s lost sleep can interfere with safely performing everyday tasks.

Sleep is so important, hospitals have installed CitiQuiet’s soundproof windows because of the proven importance of sleep in speeding healing and hastening recovery from surgery and illness.

There are two primary sources of noise: windows and walls. When we assess the source of noise in a room, office or entire home, we look for the most vulnerable entry point for sound in order to obtain effective mitigation.

Depending on what is found, you may need to add some dry wall to an existing wall or soundproof an existing window. The majority of cases of excess noise can be resolved with CitiQuiet windows. Research has demonstrated these windows can reduce noise by 80% or more.


Nothing could be easier to achieve than a healthful sleep with
 CitiQuiet Windows. They—

  • Require no construction
  • Require no permits
  • Leave no construction mess

CitiQuiet windows are designed at our factory to mimic the look of your existing windows. They are placed over your existing window opening, a few inches from your regular windows, forming an air pocket. That’s it! The soundproof windows

-Bree Jacoby


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