This weekend was spent with our family as we relaxed and enjoyed each others company. There is nothing better than a weekend spent with the ones you love the most. We hope everyone had a lovely Labor Day Weekend!

Today’s blog is about starting the new year with a new vision and new goals. Maybe you’ve been waiting to redecorate and now you can look forward to decorating in this new year. We are ready for some change, are you? Now is the time to change your bedding around and create a more fall look in your room. You can store your light weight duvet cover and put your cozy, fluffy duvet back on the bed. Take out the warmer color sheets and the holiday candles that remind you fall has arrived.

JACOBY CO would love to be apart of this new change for your home. Call us to set up a complimentary consultation (818) 999-3468

– Bree Jacoby

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