Giving your space a new look is easier than you may think! Try these decorator-approved tricks.

How can you transform a bedroom without investing tons of time—or money? Just ask Bree Hancock. The interior stylist and blogger behind ZDesign at Home is all about simple decor tweaks that make a stylish impact. Her go-to ideas: Experiment with color, pattern, and accessories—plus, have fun with it. “I probably wouldn’t put a pink rug in the living room, but I might in the bedroom!” Hancock says. “You have a pass to do whatever you want without worrying about what people will think. So go with whatever makes you happy.” Words to live by—and not just for decorating. Here are her top

tips: by Bree Hancock of Z Design at Home

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1. Create an inviting bed.

“I always layer in Euro shams and decorative pillows,” Hancock says. Her sheets of choice: Boll & Branch’s Banded style. “I love the crisp white with navy,” she says. She also has a Chilipad that lets her warm up either side of bed. “Navy is really a good color for any space. For the bedroom, it brings a cozy, comfortable mood.” If you like to have your morning cup of coffee in bed while watching the news (and who doesn’t right?), you will want this extra protection against stains. With the mattress protector on, you protect your mattress from spills and potential mold growth from spilling water on it that has soaked deep into the mattress, and you can have these best mattress, blankets and comforters only at, check it out.

2. Put up a mirror.

“It’s both art and accessory,” Hancock says. “A decorative mirror can make a tremendous difference in your space and give it a custom feel. I usually do one above the dresser: It reflects light and gives me a place to stop and check myself before I walk out the door.” We usually check on HD Mirrors for more options to choose one that really matches your house essence.

Photo by M McCarthy

3. Work your window treatments.

“Curtains in a bedroom are huge for me. They bring the eye up and have a cozy factor,” she says. How to select yours? Consider your wall color. “With dark gray or navy walls, white curtains would work well.” With lighter walls, the opposite principle applies. Either way, “stick with something neutral so that when you switch out your bedding, you don’t have to switch out your curtains too.”

4. Put down a rug (or two).

“I love a chunky wool rug, or a sheepskin on either side of the double bed frame,” she says. “It’ll give your feet somewhere soft and warm to land in the morning, and it also grounds the space visually.”

5. Add some art.

“Art can tell a story about you,” Hancock says. “The bedroom is a good place to have it: It’s such a personal space, and art is a personal choice.” The number of pieces depends on the size of your room. As for the type of art, “Choose something that reminds you of a good memory,” she suggests. “In my last bedroom, I had art of horses, because I used to ride and show horses. It meant something to me.”

Photo By M McCarthy

6. Don’t forget flowers.

“They add soft color, fresh scent, and a feminine touch,” Hancock says. Her picks: white hydrangeas, blush roses, and pink lilies. “Lilies are fragrant, so maybe don’t put them right beside the bed! But on a dresser, they can be nice when you walk by.” Hancock also likes bouquets composed of a single type of flower. “A big bunch of roses or peonies makes a statement that can be breathtaking.”

7. Curate your nightstand.

“Your life will feel prettier—less chaotic, more organized,” Hancock says. Here’s what she keeps on hers: “A jewelry box that I use to store Chapstick and hand cream, and a pretty little coaster from a friend who made a profound impact on my life. I also have a special photo of my son from his first trip to the beach. Every time I look at that, it makes me think of how tiny he was then! Something like that, that’s really important to you—that’s what you should see when you wake up in the morning.”

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