When I was reupholstering our own couches this past December, my goal was not to let the dog, Riley, or cat, Bailey ruin our new fabulous white couches.  Well, that is when I discovered this Cryptron fabric!  This is the most amazing fabric ever invented!!!!!

How do I know it does what it says it does…well…

My first weekend away, after getting the couches delivered, I found that the dog sitter wasn’t paying attention, and Riley not only had an accident on the couches but she threw up too!!!  Once we established that Riley was fine and was just acting out, I completely freaked out and panicked that the stains would possibly be there forever.  Off I went to get the rag drenched with warm water and began cleaning up the mess.  Low and behold, the stains came out without a problem.  OMG, I was shocked that the fabric actually did what it was supposed to do….prevent a permanent mess! Every parent or animal lover knows how hard it is to keep whites white or for colors to stay bright with little ones around.  This is a revolutionary fabric and everyone should know about it!

Please read this blog….it will change your life forever.  And, then once you read it, call me so I can come over to show you the fabrics and we can upholster your couches, chairs and even make into drapery! Crypton Home makes white fabric possible for every home and office… stop the worry and let white happen!!!



Let Life Happen with Crypton® Home Fabric


written by Tyler Kinney

Tyler is a Greenhouse Fabrics intern and MBA Candidate at UNCG. As the owner of a new black lab puppy and German Shepherd, Tyler was excited to learn more about Crypton® Home.

What Makes Crypton® a Good Option?

Before hearing about Crypton Home, I assumed that dark colored fabric would be the future for my living space. I can easily blame this on my two dogs, who always find a muddy place in the yard. However, I cut myself no slack, my innate ability to spill drinks on furniture is inevitable. Luckily, with Crypton Home my dream of owning light colored furniture can finally become a reality. You can learn more from Gamma Cabinetry to get beautiful cabinets and furniture planned for your space and style. I dove a little deeper into what makes Crypton Home such a good option for people with busy lives, kids, animals, and inability to control their beverages.

Stress-Free Stain Resistance

Crypton Home fabric achieved the max score for the oil drop and water drop test with the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorist. This means that when oil or waterfalls on a Crypton Home fabric it doesn’t seep through to the bottom side of the fabric, instead, it protects your furniture from picking up smells and stains from spills. This was accomplished through an immersion process that transforms the fibers to make them stain and odor resistant, plus a moisture barrier that makes the fabric impenetrable to spills. But you don’t have to take my word for it, check out this video to see for yourself.

If you’re interested in what Jacoby Company has to offer, feel free to call us today at 1-800-921-8686. We’ll come out to your property to explore some options. If you’re considering hiring a professional, why not go for the best? We’re eager to show you what we can do – call us today… and let us change your world.

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