What is the first thing you notice when you walk up to someones home. The doors and door knobs? Ding ding ding (pun intended)! That is what we notice (in addition to window treatments of course!). It is almost just like a first impression. Since the door and door knobs are the entry into the home, make them look nice! So,let’s talk about door knobs. They are one of those minor details but a detail that cannot go without notice. When you’re designing your home, make sure the door knobs match the interior of your home. For instance, these photos are more 50’s inspired type door knobs which would go great with a  mid century modern home. I would not however recommend these for a traditional home or an ultra modern home. A really great website to check out is www.deringhall.com. They have a variety of door knobs to choose from! Here are just a few of my favorite for mid century modern homes.


-Bree Jacoby

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