There is an art to installing the drapery correctly.  Have you ever been to a friends house whose husband tried to do this himself with a ready made drapery he just picked up from a store?  Sometimes they are hung correctly, but most of the time, the drapery is either too short, too long, the rods don’t have a center support so they droop in the center, there are no returns on the sides of the drapery so they just “hang” out there?  Gary has been installing drapery for 30 years now and he knows exactly what he is doing.  He knows how high to place the rod, depending on how I want the drape to hang n the floor.  This is really important to do correctly because we don’t want to make extra holes in your freshly painted walls now do we?  So, I design the drapery and Gary does my measures and my installs.  WE do it right and they will be yours to enjoy for years to come.


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