Fall is in the air… the leaves are changing, the cool nightly breezes call for that yummy throw and a crackle’n fire….

I love fall colors, they are so rich and transition so well through all seasons here is sunny California.  There are so many ways to bring the fall colors and smells into your home by simply using some of these tricks.  Buy some fall smelling candles at your local Target or better yet, Pottery Barn.  Toss some rust color throws on that beige couch with a patterned pillow or two.  Again, check out Pottery Barn for some great inspirations.

Another really fun thing to do is to invite friends over for beef stew on a cold night and set the table in fall colors complimented by warm colored candles and possibly fall color wine glasses!  I sometimes get the the leaves that have fallen on the ground and put them in the center of the table with little votives that are in fall colors.  All of these great ideas are very inexpensive to do, and yet, prepare us for the holiday season ahead.  One last tip….buy little brown finger towels for the guest room that have leaves on them, just for another reminder that fall is on its way!

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