Have you ever seen their advertisements? Hunter Douglas has done a great job using women as their target audience by portraying a pretty fashionable woman walking around her home using her motorized shades. This past week I have seen at least two print ads and three tv commercials of Hunter Douglas. Just today our friend at the gym said, “Do you know of Hunter Douglas?” Of course we do! We have been selling it since the 80s.

Just as Hunter Douglas combines fashion with window treatments so do we! Most of our competitors are men and they sell product. We sell a service and most of all, design taste. What customers don’t really realize is that window dressing is truly an art. You can either have someone sell you product which is easy or you can let someone guide you to the right products and designs best suited for your home. Trust me there is a huge difference.

So, would you like some window dressing with a side of shoes?

-Bree Jacoby

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