It’s daunting to think about choosing your next window treatment, no matter how many ideas are floating around in your mind. BELIEVE ME, I know this as a fact and I deal with it every day.

I am Cory Jacoby, after many years of experience doing Superior Replacement Windows, I became a Window Treatment Designer, and our family owned business(Gary and Cory) is just what you need. Gary and I have been at this for 35 years and have seen it all, done it all, and done it again. Our experience is worth every cent. We know that selecting the best window treatment from the options available can be one of the hardest parts of home renovation. To help make that process a little easier, we’ve put together a guide to choosing the right window treatment based on several factors. If your home is attracting pests, it’s time to consider professional pest control. Contact Olathe pest control, they  provide residential properties with the care, expertise, and products needed to keep them pest-free 24/7.


Window functionality needs to be considered whether you are treating windows, doors or rooms. In order to choose the right treatments, it’s important to take into consideration the design of the space being treated, the Door Track movement as to which side does the sliding door opens and fit your chosen shades/curtains/drapes accordingly.

Areas to be treated can be designed in one of three ways:

  • Up & DownThese windows and doors are designed to slide up and down and are the most commonly-found within homes and offices. If you are looking for higher security doors and windows visit this blog post.Most window shades, such as solars, cellular shades, and rollers, function on an up-and-down sliding basis.

  • Side-to-SideSide-to-side functionality indicates that the door, window or other space rolls from right to left, or vice versa.Good window treatments for spaces requiring side-to-side functionality include drapes, vertical blinds, and sliding door treatments.

  • TiltingIn some spaces, you may prefer a window treatment that slides on an angle, to accommodate the need for a scenic view or the display of other home decor centerpieces.Wood and metal blinds both offer tilting functionality, with the ability to tilt the treatment easily.


Many people prefer a window treatment that allows for privacy in their daily lives. The amount of privacy you require can depend on many factors, including the nature of the room itself, any neighbors, your preferred view, and the amount of light you want to allow into the space.

There are three general degrees of privacy:

  • Minimal PrivacyFor people whose privacy needs are minimal, solar shades are the ideal window treatment. With solar shades, you can choose the opacity and the level of privacy you prefer. They also reduce glare and UV rays. Solar shades are mostly used in offices and other public areas for insulation and proper ventilation. What is very very important to remember though is whatever view you have through the shades during the day, the exact effect happens at night when the lights are on! Be careful with this one. You don’t want your neighbor’s peeking in at night. This is kind of a biggie. Other options for people with minimal privacy needs include sheer drapes and shades.

  • Moderate PrivacySome people prefer window treatments which provide a greater degree of privacy, but still allow for some light filtration. Unlined shades and blinds provide a nice mix of privacy and sunlight that allows you to enjoy the benefits of both. Duettes work great in these areas and making them cordless top/down bottom is a beautiful thing, Also, another favorite of mine is beautiful sheers dancing in the window complimented by really nice custom drapery for blackout at night.

  • Full PrivacyIn rooms like the bathroom or bedroom, most people value complete privacy highly.In these types of rooms, window treatments that offer full privacy over opacity and sunlight are often preferred.Window treatments like blackout shades and layered treatments offer these types of benefits.


When considering which window treatment to use for your home or office, it’s important to think about how often you plan to adjust the window or the treatment itself. Depending on whether you plan to adjust constantly for light filtration or scenery viewing, certain types of treatments are far more suitable than others.

  • Frequently/DailySome people need constant adjustment to their window areas, for any number of reasons. If you plan to open and shut windows and modify light filtration frequently, solar shades and roller shades are an excellent option.
  • OccasionallyIn certain areas of the home or office, window treatments require only occasional adjustment. For these areas, ripple fold drapery and flat roman shades are easy to operate, durable, and easy to maintain.
  • RarelyCertain types of window treatments are done primarily for decorative purposes, and are rarely adjusted. For example, grommet drapes offer a striking ornamental design look which adds to the appeal of a space. In addition, tulip roman shades, relaxed roman shades, goblet pleat drapes, and inverted pleat drapes provide an elegant look and rarely need handling.

If your space has large and hard-to-reach windows, or you need more flexibility with your shade usage, motorized window treatments give you the freedom and comfort of handling your windows from anywhere. With these types of treatments, you can control multiple window treatments at once and schedule favorite times for different positions.

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  • Low BudgetFor those struggling with budget constraints, ready-made window treatments can be the way to go. These treatments are pre-constructed with previously selected materials and can be installed by you. While those with home renovation experience may be able to effectively use DIY (do-it-yourself) window treatment ideas, we do not recommend this for most projects because of the difficulty involved.

  • Moderate BudgetIf you have a moderate budget to work with, custom materials are often a much better fit for those looking to add a special flair to their rooms. With personalized window treatments, your space will look much more polished and elegant. If you can afford it, consider hiring a professional window treatment service for the best result.

  • High BudgetWith a luxury budget, it’s a must to hire professionals to design and install your window treatment. By working with a window treatment service, you are guaranteed a result that will bring you satisfaction and the best value for your money. Window treatment professionals will ensure that the look and functionality of your window treatments meets your standards, for a home decor effect that will stand the test of time.

No matter your budget, it can be helpful to consult with window treatment professionals regarding materials, cost considerations, and maintenance needs for your window treatment. Before starting your home renovation project, think about all of these factors in order to ensure that your result is everything that it should be. Feel free to give us a call at any time to discuss your options at (800) 921-8686, or contact us via e-mail at I will personally come to your home and advise you wisely. You will be seeing my husband at the install (find more details on this page). We are truly a small family owned company that is dedicated to excellence.

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